Chaos Legend
Totally brand new game which has Perfect Combination of Action –RPG & Card Collection.
The Open beta version is coming soon and the game is going to be launched on quarter I/2016. We are now looking for Publisher Partner for publishing game in Asia Market. Please don not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Heroes of Puzzle Adventure
Heroes of Puzzle Adventure is the #1 game of hero RPG -puzzle.
Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz
You are a Modern Farmer ?
You are an addict to the 3- match games ?
This game is the thing that you guys are lookin' for !
Jumpi Jumpo
Jumpi Jumpo - a new game from 9Fury Studio. In this game, you are in a quirky journey. It is easy to play, just pull down, hold and drop to get over the monster and collect apples.

Amazing Dash
Run from the jungle, run to the sea. Run through the lava or through clouds high over. Run for life and escape danger like crazy. Not hard to control but never easy to dash at the finish.

Warning: Do not download this game if you can’t sleep at night! It will just make your insomnia worse!

Have you got a fun sense of humour? Are you looking for something quirky and funny? Dididodo Defense will be your favourite game!

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