Chaos Legend
Chaos Legend
Totally brand new game which has Perfect Combination of Action –RPG & Card Collection.
The Open beta version is coming soon and the game is going to be launched on quarter I/2016. We are now looking for Publisher Partner for publishing game in Asia Market. Please don not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Chaos Legend is a story of 5 heroes who lived in the 9 Worlds Universe under the Yggdrasil Holy Tree, which connects all the worlds together. Below the tree seals the most dangerous being, Corruption, a no shape entity bringing catastrophe to all races in the Universe. Every thousand years, the tree is weakened and needs to be watched and sealed again by all the gods. The God tried to defend the Universe by defeating the Corruption and confine this evil power under the strongest root of the Yggdrasil Holy Tree. However, after times, the Corruption have continued to raise up and entire the Universe are being threatened by the extinction.  Now, with a little power left, the Gods call for 5 Heroes who are the strongest and most courageous from over the Universe to withstand the darkest power of the Corruption.
As the time run out, Goddess Freja uses her own existence to create a distorted black hole, sending the heroes back to the time where they first come to in hope to defeat the Corruption again…

Will this final hope defeat the evil influence of the Corruption in the ultimate battle of the world? Click play and help the Heroes team save 9 Worlds!

Unique Game Style
- Perfect Combination of Action –RPG & Card Collection
- Over hundreds of heroes and monsters to choose from
- Unique classes with distinct skills

Multimode System
- Fascinating fable with various Playable mode
- A sprawling new world awaits to be explored and conquered
- Tower mode with awakened enemies
- Challenge the world and dominate in PvP battles

Visual Feature
Full 3D scenario with stunning illustrations

Engine Tech Feature
- Use cutting edge technologies
- Dynamic shadow and real-time lightning
- Support various cinematic, image effects

On 15th, November, 2015, G-star exhibition which is one of the four biggest exhibitions in the world, was held in a beautiful seaport in Korea, Busan. Here, 9Fury launched our totally brand new Action MMO RPG game named Chaos Legend. This game engages to bring an unforgetable experience for the players love the RPG line.

We warmly welcome any publishers who want to become our partner in Asia game market. Please contact us for further information:

MINH PHAM                       
Business Development Director          
Mobile: +84 972.98.90.90 / + 84.973.98.90.90
Skype- Wechat:Phamminhjsc / MINH PHAM                       
Business Development Director          
Mobile: +84 972.98.90.90 / + 84.973.98.90.90
Skype- Wechat:Phamminhjsc / Kakao ID: Minhpham 
Mail: minh@9fury.com
Add: 8th Floor Hapulico Center Building, 01 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

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