Have you got a fun sense of humour? Are you looking for something quirky and funny? Dididodo Defense will be your favourite game!
The innocent and funny Dididodo offended cruel monsters just by accident. After many years of peace, the planet Dididodo is now put at stake as monsters are coming to occupy their homeland. You are here to help the Dididodo, who have never been in war before, to protect their planet. Who will win the battle? The cruel monsters or the tiny and innocent Dididodo? You are the only person to decide.


9fury studio introduces Dididodo Defense on Android platforms
HANOI, VIETNAM – 17 February, 2014 – Mobile game publisher 9fury studio today announced its new tower defense game, Dididodo Defense, is now available on Android devices. Dididodo Defense reinvents the defense genre with a fun sense of humour and a uniquely quirky style.
In Dididodo Defense, each and every player is a leader. Players must kill the monsters and prevent them from approaching the fridge spaceship by collecting and arranging a variety of funny Dididodo soldiers wisely on the map. Players must be quick and careful in their actions so that no monster is left alive. After completing a theme, players will be rewarded with well-known figures and buildings to enliven their planets. With Facebook and Twitter social connectivity feature, players can show off a new achievement or share the image of their beautiful planet with their friends right away.
Dididodo is filled with fun and humour. From the colourful and adorable, wacky characters to the names that reference some of the most famous people and heritage in popular culture, like Stip Dop, Michael Jackdon, Big Boong Tower, and  Statue of Liberto.  With Dididodo, the joy does not only come from combating the monsters but also from interacting with in-game funny and lovely characters.
Dididodo Defense is now available for free on Android devices (smartphones & tablets) 
About 9fury studio
9fury is a young game studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam. 9fury was formed by energetic and passionate developers with more than 20 years of experience in the game industry collectively. Our vision is to build highly entertaining indie games where players are walked through engrossing stories, living with the game characters and engaging deeply in the journey. For more information on 9fury, please visit: www.9fury.com
Nhi Tran/Duong Tran

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