Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz
Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz
You are a Modern Farmer ?
You are an addict to the 3- match games ?
This game is the thing that you guys are lookin' for !
Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz is a puzzle, match - 3 game with vivid graphics, cute, cuddly and colorful fruits. You are fruit breaker comes into a juicy world with watermelon, apples, mangoes, strawberry... on a challenging unlimited fruit splash journey. Puzzle this puzzle game, matching fruit of an unseen combo and mixing up the best juice ever for your picnic!

New gameplay elements is embedded in this classic Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz with rainbow fruit, bubble fruit… that can break and eliminate a big bag of fruit. Beside your reflexes and accuracy, be tactical, save up those make or break fruit and pop it out in right place to score more! The difficulty will be increased along with new level. So be ready when you are climbing top leaderboard with your friends! Come on, join this rapturous fruit matching picnic!

How to play:
In this fantastic farming adventure, you need to connect 3 or more fruits to make a blitz. The more numbers of fruit you connect,higher score you will get. Eliminate jewels can get 50 scores for each jewel The more the merrier !

Receive your latest challenges with time or move limits

Swap fruit to match 3 or more to make a blitz.

Match the special shape ( T, L) to collect special fruit like: rainbow fruit, bubble fruit, crystal fruit. And save up to fruit splash when needed.

★ Score mode: reach the required scores before time or bout of move out.
★ Backplane mode: clean all the dirt on the picnic-rug before time or bout of move out.
★ Bring down mode: collect all the required fruit juice before time or bout of move out.

★ Attractive colorful and delicious fruit.
★ Unlimited levels! It needs only your skill to crack a new level
★ Surrealistic graphics, fluid animations and gorgeous visual effects.
★ Different game modes with unlimited levels
★ Lots of power-ups to help you eliminate the fruits and have trickshot
★ Leaderboards and social features to compete with your friends!

Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz is completely free

Don’t hesitate, download Fruit Farmer: Deluxe Blitz to start your joyous farming adventure now !

We are sure that you guys will love this game not only be infatuated with it !



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