Jumpi Jumpo
Jumpi Jumpo
Jumpi Jumpo - a new game from 9Fury Studio. In this game, you are in a quirky journey. It is easy to play, just pull down, hold and drop to get over the monster and collect apples.

Jumpi Jumpo was built based on the idea of a planet with a soft and elastic like rubber surface. In game, players will interact with characters through this strange land. The gameplay gives players a new feel in controlling of the character. Before now, the most of characters are controlled through manipulatio: swipe, tap, touch - manipulations give players the feeling of directly controlling your character. Jumpi Jumpo brings a different feeling, which is to control the environment to interact the character.

No more boring tapping. No dull action to jump or slice. The coolest of cool games has come to deliver a completely new fun.
Ready to make a quirky journey with a wacky gameplay? Jumpi Jumpo (Pull in Cool Games) is a magic creature in which you will pull and pull smartly to expose to a whole new world.
Now: Pull the ground skillfully to launch yourself and shoot monsters. Pull fast to get more apples and dash to kill more. Pull to jump high and higher to get bonus secrets. An awesome hand-drawn world to spend time discovering.
With a brand new and unique gameplay, Jumpi Jumpo (Pull in Cool Games) is likely to make your brain work more and create your own way to play. Master your own skills to travel farther to get more fun and surprises.
- Multitouch supported
- Unique and addictive gameplay
- Easy to play but challenging to fully master
- Various monsters and challenges to clear up
- Stunning visual graphics
- Compete with your friends and be the best on the leaderboards of Jumpi Jumpo (Pull in Cool Games)



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