HR & Content Admin Intern
Update: 13/05/2017
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+ Recruitment task ( complete job vacancy, post vacancy to forum, facebook group, headhunter's website; handle feedback, inquiry; prepare for interview ...)
+ Content admin: find new English clips, manage clip's info
+ QA support: test app, give feedback
+ Available in 2 months starting from mid May 2017 to mid July 2017
+ Is studying English ( level: High Beginner to Low Advanced)
+ Honest, Friendly, Willing to learn, Careful
How to apply:
Please send your CV (in English or Vietnamese) to: hr@9fury.com
Title: "Application - [Position] - [Your Name]" .
For further infomartion, please contact: 046.293.9058
Other News:
JavaScript Developers (13/05/2017) English Content Manager (04/08/2017) UI Designer (26/05/2017) React Native JS Intern/ Fresher (13/05/2017)
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